In Pursuit of Excellence

25 Jun

As I mentioned before, we have an intern this summer–Dan’s daughter, Emily. It’s a pleasure and a treat to have a smart young lady–eager to learn–join us in the office. While her dad has been around coins since well before she was born, she’s never had much exposure to the world of numismatics, particularly to Spanish colonial coinage and shipwrecks. She will see firsthand an expert in a field, and we hope she will understand what it takes to achieve that…and how intellectually rewarding it can be. So where should she start? How about with The Practical Book of Cobs?

Practical Books of Cobs, fourth edition

Practical Books of Cobs, fourth edition

Emily has been reading a copy and is absorbing the abundance of information in there. She’s working on our eBay store, so be sure to stop by and check out all the new listings. Emily is getting an education and learning skills that will help her in the future, whether she wants to become a numismatist or do something else.

The future of any business is with the young people who become attracted to it. Like many other fields, numismatics isn’t easy and requires a long period of study to gain proficiency. A mentor can be an invaluable guide and so it should be every coin dealer’s goal to guide and tutor at least one young person in his or her career. Of course not everyone has the aptitude for the field, but most can excel if they catch the spark of interest. In our segment of the business, who couldn’t be smitten with learning about Spanish colonial history in an enriched way that our high school textbooks couldn’t depict? And how can you not be captivated by tales of shipwrecks, pirates, and treasure? From there you grow to love the coins and learn to appreciate the stories they tell. Before you know it, you’re a pro!

Emily Sedwick at work

Emily Sedwick at work

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