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Here’s the Hat Trick – Numismatic News

15 Jan

Just a quick note to remind everyone of our upcoming shows. Dan is heading to Vero Beach today for the annual Treasure Coast Coin Club show. He’s loaded with new purchases from the FUN and NYINC shows, so please go by and see him! He’s also taking consignments for our upcoming Sedwick Treasure, World and US Coin Auction #19. We’re always pleased to receive consignments of significant collections of cobs and choice Latin American coins. High-quality artifacts are always welcome as well.


At the end of the month, Dan and Augi will be traveling to Long Beach, CA, for the Long Beach Expo from February 4-6. They will again be happy to take consignments AND buy or sell you something. It’s a busy time of year for us, but we’re getting excited about our next auction and hope you will join the fun. Auction dates are May 18 and 19, so mark your calendar now.

OK, now for a cool hat trick.

Goal #1: Purchase a 1704 8 reales Potosi cob (not hard to do).

Lot 1431, TA #14, 8R cob

Lot 1431, Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC – Treasure Auction #14

Goal #2: Purchase a 1704 8 reales Potosi royal (a little harder to do but not out of the question).

Lot 707, TA #14, 8R royal

Lot 707, Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC – Treasure Auction #14

And Goal #3: Purchase a 1704 8 reales Potosi heart (you have a better chance with the lottery than getting this!).

Lot 720, TA #18, 8R Heart

Lot 720, Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC- Treasure Auction #18

Pretty nifty hat trick, no? What I like about looking at all three of these coins is that we can study the details that are missing on our cob. This can go a long way in identifying coins.

One last note: the ANA (for American Numismatic Association) has just launched a digital archive of 127 years’ worth of The Numismatist magazine. Both Dan and my father, Frank Sedwick, have written articles for the magazine! Check out the story here:


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Back from January Shows and A Neat Hat Trick

12 Jan

We’re back from a very busy week and weekend in both New York for the New York International Numismatic Convention  and Tampa for the FUN (for Florida United Numismatists) Coin Show. Despite always being stretched pretty thin, we love being at both shows, so it’s worth the trouble.

NYINC 2016 Starlight Room

NYINC 2016 Bourse, Starlight Room

As you can see above, the bourse in New York is “intimate” and really makes you wish you succeeded with your 2015 New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. FUN, on the other hand, is like shopping in Walmart–vast and full of things you want but don’t really need. Below Dan is smiling because he’s not in New York in the ice and cold, at least not yet.

Dan at 2016 FUN

Dan at 2016 FUN Show at our Table

Here’s one of my purchases from FUN–Moche pottery. It has nothing to do with coins, but it’s pretty darn cool anyway. And it looks like my uncle, Fred!

Moche Pottery from 2016 FUN Show

Cori’s Moche Man

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to a prosperous, healthy, and coin-filled 2016. Oh, the “hat trick” in the title will come in the next post.



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