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In Pursuit of Excellence

25 Jun

As I mentioned before, we have an intern this summer–Dan’s daughter, Emily. It’s a pleasure and a treat to have a smart young lady–eager to learn–join us in the office. While her dad has been around coins since well before she was born, she’s never had much exposure to the world of numismatics, particularly to Spanish colonial coinage and shipwrecks. She will see firsthand an expert in a field, and we hope she will understand what it takes to achieve that…and how intellectually rewarding it can be. So where should she start? How about with The Practical Book of Cobs?

Practical Books of Cobs, fourth edition

Practical Books of Cobs, fourth edition

Emily has been reading a copy and is absorbing the abundance of information in there. She’s working on our eBay store, so be sure to stop by and check out all the new listings. Emily is getting an education and learning skills that will help her in the future, whether she wants to become a numismatist or do something else.

The future of any business is with the young people who become attracted to it. Like many other fields, numismatics isn’t easy and requires a long period of study to gain proficiency. A mentor can be an invaluable guide and so it should be every coin dealer’s goal to guide and tutor at least one young person in his or her career. Of course not everyone has the aptitude for the field, but most can excel if they catch the spark of interest. In our segment of the business, who couldn’t be smitten with learning about Spanish colonial history in an enriched way that our high school textbooks couldn’t depict? And how can you not be captivated by tales of shipwrecks, pirates, and treasure? From there you grow to love the coins and learn to appreciate the stories they tell. Before you know it, you’re a pro!

Emily Sedwick at work

Emily Sedwick at work

Two Esteemed Guests (and Friends) Visit Our Office

18 Jun
Jorge Proctor, Agustin Garcia-Barneche, Cori Sedwick Downing (Me), Dan Sedwick, and Glenn Stephen Murray Fantom,

Jorge Proctor, Agustin Garcia-Barneche, Cori Sedwick Downing (Me), Dan Sedwick, and Glenn Stephen Murray Fantom.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of spending some time with Glenn Stephen Murray Fantom and Jorge Proctor at our office. Both are avid researchers and writers in the field of Spanish colonial coinage and mints. Glenn is the president of the Friends of the Segovia Mint Association (Amigos de la casa de moneda de Segovia) and has worked tirelessly to rehabilitate the Segovia mint building in Spain. He’s written extensively about mints in Spain, particularly the Segovia mint or Real Ingenio which operated from 1583 to 1869. In 2009 Glenn was awarded the Grand Premio Union Europea de Patrimonio Cultural/Europa Nostra for his dedication to restoring the Segovia mint after which he published Las acuñaciones de moneda en Segovia, desde 30 a. C. hasta 1869, en conmemoración de la obra de rehabilitación del Real Ingenio de la Moneda de Segovia.  We have copies of this terrific resource book for sale!

Dan Sedwick and Glenn Stephen Murray Fantom

Dan Sedwick and Glenn Stephen Murray Fantom

Jorge Proctor with Glenn Stephen Murray Fantom and book (2)

Jorge Proctor with Glenn Stephen Murray Fantom

As many know, Jorge Proctor’s focus has been on reading and transcribing original records from such venerated repositories as the Archives of the Indies housed in Seville, Spain. He’s a detective and numismatist rolled into one! Jorge has written the definitive book on the Panama mint called The Forgotten Mint of Colonial Panama: A Look Into the Production of Coins in America During the 16th Century and Panama’s Spanish Royal House for Minting Coins. A copy of this book is rare and scarce. Lately Jorge has turned his considerable attention to the assayers at the Mexico City mint and others with a recent article entitled “The Assayers of the Mint of Mexico During the 16th Century Pillars Coinage, 1536-1571 (?)” which was published in the January/February 2015 Numismatics International Bulletin and “Who Were Mexico City Mint Assayers L and J (1677-1723)?” which was published in the June 2015 U.S. Mexico Numismatic Association journal. And Jorge is one of the fastest talkers I know, both in Spanish and English!

It was a fortuitous series of events that led to Glenn and Jorge being able to spend an afternoon with us in Winter Park and we hope they’ll come back again soon with more news from Spain and beyond.

Glenn Stephen Murray Fantom and Jorge Proctor with gold bar

Glenn Stephen Murray Fantom and Jorge Proctor with gold bar

An interesting side note this week: If you’ve opened up your June 2015 copy of The Numismatist, the monthly publication of the American Numismatic Association, you may have seen an article about us on p. 23! It’s called “Golden Cobs” and highlights our Treasure Auction #16 last November. Thanks to Andy Smith for writing the artThe Numismatist, June 2015icle.

We’re Baaaaaack!

5 Jun

It’s been a crazy couple of months! Since the end of April, we’ve held our most successful auction to date (Treasure, World & US Auction #17) with prices realized (including buyer’s fees) totaling over $2.4 million, went to a wedding, and attended an IAPN Congress in New Orleans. We’ll be back to full strength next week, and then some, as Dan’s older daughter, Emily, becomes our intern for the summer!

Last week, we jumped on a plane and winged our way to New Orleans for the annual IAPN Congress from May 28-31 (organized by Mike Dunigan Company). You may have noticed the IAPN symbol we include on all our media and catalogs.

IAPN logo

IAPN logo

It stands for International Association of Professional Numismatists and represents some of the most important numismatic dealers in the world. There are thirty-two US dealers with the rest from Europe, the UK, Australia, Venezuela, Egypt, Thailand, and even Japan. Forty-two of the more than 100 member dealers came to New Orleans to discuss important numismatic topics, network, and enjoy the unique ambiance of New Orleans.

The IAPN was founded in 1951 in Geneva. Today more than 114 numismatic firms are in membership, situated in all five continents and twenty-three countries. These professional numismatists will be pleased to help you with any questions you have concerning your collection of coins, medals, tokens, paper-money or decorations.

Agustin Garcia, Cori Sedwick Downing, Lynn and Dan Sedwick at cocktail reception for IAPN

Agustin Garcia, Cori Sedwick Downing, Lynn and Dan Sedwick at cocktail reception for IAPN.

IAPN meeting

IAPN meeting

unnamed (11)

It’s quite an honor to be nominated and voted into IAPN, so we are understandably proud to be a part of such a prestigious organization! The annual Congress is held in different parts of the world and this year’s selection of New Orleans gave those outside the US (and some within) an unusual experience. Where else can you take an airboat ride and afterward eat Cajun crawfish at an open-air down-home rustic restaurant?

And how many times do you get the opportunity to take a tour of an antebellum plantation?

Cori Sedwick Downing, Agustin Garcia, Lynn and Dan Sedwick at Destrehan Plantation

Cori Sedwick Downing, Agustin Garcia, Lynn and Dan Sedwick at Destrehan Plantation


unnamed (10)

Julio Chico and Jesus Vico

unnamed (8)

Joe Lang, Andrew Absil, Augi Garcia, Kyle Ponterio and Mike Barry

It was quite an experience, especially since this August marks the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina which devastated the area with flooding in 2005. But, as they say in New Orleans, “laissez les bons temps rouler”!

Going back to the business sessions: Ulrich Kuenker gave a presentation about importing and exporting numismatic items into the European Union under potential and current laws. As for the prize for the best book published in 2014 numismatics, the work chosen was Le Monete Di Milano, by Silvana and Carlo Crippa. We presented the book The 1652 Transitional 8 Reales by Robert Mastalir Divisek, which we had the pleasure to publish. Next year ‘s meeting will be held in the city of Amsterdam under the organization of the Schulman auction house (a presentation was given by Andrew Absil), while in 2017 the game will move to Lucerne, Switzerland and will be organized by Hess-Divo (a presentation was given by Ulf Maria Kuenker). Augi Garcia (for Daniel Frank Sedwick) officially presented the candidacy of Buenos Aires as the venue for 2019 or 2020. The closing dinner gala was at Arnaud’s, one of the highest ranked restaurants of the French Quarter.

Masks of New Orleans

Masks of New Orleans

So now we’re back and open for business! Come and see us on the web or in person next month at the summer FUN show in Orlando from July 9-11.

Note: Florida United Numismatists, Inc., is hosting the 9th Annual Summer FUN Convention in Orlando Florida, July 9 – 11 2015. The convention will be held at the Orange County Convention Center, 9800 International Drive in Hall WA3. This location is across I-Drive from the new facility. The convention opens to the public at 10:00 A.M., July 9th and will run through 5:30 P.M. July 11th. Numismatic dealers from around the country will converge at the Orange County Convention Center to buy, sell and appraise coins, paper currency, tokens, medals and other items. Make sure to mark your calendar for this great numismatic event!

Gala Dinner , representing USA, Germany and Switzerland.

Gala Dinner, representing USA, France, Germany and Switzerland

Luis Doming and wife Nena. With Augi Garcia (Gala Dinner)

Luis Domingo and wife Nena, with Augi Garcia (Gala Dinner)

unnamed (9)

Francisca Bernhemer and Antonio Alessandrini

Award given by Arne Kirsch for Mr. Alberto de Falco

Award by IAPN President Arne Kirsch to Alberto de Falco






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