Having a (Blue) Devil of a Good Time

8 Apr

Many people know that my brother, Dan, and I attended Duke University and some may remember that our father, Frank Sedwick, graduated from Duke way back in 1944. But the legacy doesn’t end with us. Our sister went to Duke Medical School, our older brother graduated from Duke, and we have a nephew who graduated a couple of years ago. Do we bleed Duke blue? Yes, we do!! Duke University

Naturally Monday’s NCAA men’s basketball final game between Duke and Wisconsin was a big hit in our households. Perfect timing for us: the hot-off-the-presses Treasure Auction #17 catalogs were in the mail to bidders and customers. We could take a breath and enjoy the victory.

This week, it’s back to business as Dan and Augi leave for the Chicago International Coin Fair. You can view auction lots there, so make plans to attend!

As for the auction, here are some of my favorite items that you might want to check out:

  1. Did you read the 2007 interview between Dan and Lou Ullian (now deceased) that appears on page 8? It’s a great read.
  2. The section on Shipwreck and Hoard Histories on p. 12 is always enlightening.
  3. Gold, gold, and more gold starting with coins on p. 23 and bars on p. 63.
  4. Do your tastes run to silver instead of gold? How about silver bars starting on p. 69?
  5. The shipwreck coins section begins on p. 73.
  6. Check out the VERY SPECIAL “First dollar coin of South America,” the 8R Rincon Lima (Lot 711) and other denominations of the Rincon series on pp. 152-155.
  7. Then check out the Roman-Egyptian clump, lot 267 on p. 73. When will you ever see something like that again??
  8. I love Royals (what’s not to like?) and there are plenty in this auction: Lot 706 (1/2R Mexico), Lot 707 (1/2R Mexico), Lot 753 (2R Lima), Lot 897 (8R Potosi), Lot 909 (8R Potosi), Lot 910 (8R Potosi), Lot 914 (8R Potosi), Lot 928 (8R Potosi), and Lot 945 (8R Potosi).
  9. For those who like their coins non-sea salvage, check out coins starting on p. 145.
  10. DO NOT MISS Dan’s article that includes a table of Potosi 8R of Philip II on p. 164!
  11. Ancients begin on p. 215.
  12. World coins begin on p. 219.
  13. Medals and tokens can be found starting on p. 268.
  14. Documents are on p. 275. Maps are always fun and a wonderful wall adornment (I have an antique map of Peru on my office wall to remind me of a trip I took there with my husband).
  15. The ever-popular shipwreck artifacts section begins on p. 278 and some of my favorites in this section include a stunning gold-and-red-coral rosary (Lot 1400), a sweet olive blossom chain (Lot 1466), a very large olive jar (Lot 1486), and an impressive Spanish brass cannon (Lot 1504).

And don’t miss the last lot, Lot 1560, with a picture of yours truly holding a GIGANTIC plaster reproduction of an 8 escudos Mexico royal!

Happy Bidding to all.

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