A Better Idea Than the Stock Market: Two Important Atocha Pieces in Treasure Auction #19

16 May
Stock price declining

My Stock Portfolio!

A year ago, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was at 18,200-18,300. Where is it today? It’s been inching back up from the cellar and hovers in the mid-17,000s. Despite the spin my stock broker tries to put on things, I know my portfolio looks pretty sad. Fortunately, I practice something called diversification. That means I own coins and artifacts in addition to stocks and bonds. How much more pleasure I derive from looking at my collections from time to time (and more important, adding to them) than I ever could by watching the stock market fluctuate!


Lot 289, Sedwick Treasure Auction #19

We have two important investment opportunities in our upcoming auction that will enhance any portfolio, two magnificent gold artifacts from the Atocha with equally important pedigrees. First is Lot 289, a gold disk with a cut edge weighing in at a generous 1438 grams and 19.75 fineness. It was originally for sale with Christie’s Auctions in June 1988 (Lot 81) which was the main Atocha auction for artifact and coin sales. Given today’s spot gold prices, this disc melts for $48,500, so the current bid of $45,000 is actually UNDER MELT VALUE! You can’t ask for a better investment than that. Our sales estimate is between $50,000 and $75,000 which surely seems reasonable.


Lot 1673, Sedwick Treasure Auction #19

The other is Lot 1673, a complete gold “wedding” chain, uncleaned with shells attached. It has been appraised for $200,000 in 1999 by James Sinclair, an archeologist for the Atocha material. It comes with another important piece of history, a certificate with original signatures of all the important people associated with the Atocha, including Mel Fisher. Shipwreck gold chains are considered an early form of tax evasion with the owner being exempt from paying the typical king’s fifth on gold and silver coins and bars. Our sales estimate is between $100,000 and $200,000 and this is a very special piece that comes around once in a lifetime. It’s never been for sale before. If you have the disposable income to consider bidding on Lot 1673, you should ask yourself whether you would rather have your money invested in stocks or in an irreplaceable piece of shipwreck history that is well recognized throughout the world. Imagine owning something that may otherwise be housed in a museum.


So, if you love collecting shipwreck coins and artifacts—and recognize them as a better investment than the stock market–either one of the pieces I’ve mentioned is well worth your consideration. Get your bid in today because we go live on Wednesday. Happy bidding! 

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