Long Beach Show January 2015

5 Feb

Dan and Augi recently returned from a successful show in Long Beach, California, the Long Beach Expo, brimming with consignments for Treasure Auction #17. While the show was mostly wholesale with sparse attendance by the general public, it didn’t hamper them from transacting business to ensure a successful upcoming auction. Was the low attendance due to the massive winter snowstorm on the east coast that hindered dealers from flying to the west coast? Maybe, maybe not. Still, you see the ripple effects of bad weather everywhere you look.

Long Beach, CA Coin Show

Long Beach, CA Coin Show

Dan at the table at the Long Beach show

Dan at the table at the Long Beach show

Thinking of bad weather, how many shipwrecks would never have happened had those ships sailed at a different time and not Augibecome ensnared in a hurricane? If hurricanes weren’t a part of life in the Caribbean, would we ever know as much as we know about coins and artifacts from colonial Spanish America? Something to think about.

Back to Long Beach: despite a lower public turnout, Dan and Augi made good use of their time there by sampling the great variety and quality of restaurants! Since Augi is Argentinian, he especially enjoyed a place called the Gaucho Grill (what a clever name!) at 200 North Pine Avenue in Long Beach. [Gaucho Grill is the most traditional Argentine restaurant in Long Beach. They serve the best Argentinian favorites in generous dishes balanced with the best Californian cuisine.]

Dan and Augi with some dealer friends at Gaucho Grill

Dan and Augi (taking pic) with Mexican Coin Company Staff (Max, Cory and Eric), at Gaucho Grill

Their fav foods were Lomo Argentino (filet mignon), Asado de Costillas (ribeye), and Bife de Chorizo (NY steak). And who knew that in California you can bring your own wine to dinner with you? What meal isn’t complete without Fernet, a digestif? Google it. Wikipedia says that people describe it as a “black licorice-flavored Listerine.” That’s about right.

And finally, even if you have a bad show, you can go back to your hotel and relax at the end of the day. Sometimes, you even have a world-class view. Sometimes you don’t!

Long Beach Table January 2015

Long Beach “Hotel View” January 2015

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